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Day Two

I messed up, I must admit... I b/p'ed this morning, not sure everything came up, and that may mess with my diet. I can't wait to go to this eating disorder clinic I found out about on Monday. Anybum; I was sick earlier this week, with a 'stomach bug' I guess you'd call it, and I was going to bed at about 6pmish and sleeping in way too late. I got up a little late this morning, but it was probably because I managed to stay awake till the am. I told my mother a little bit about this diet and she didn't scoff at it like I thought she would. I guess it's because she grew accustomed to my father 'fad dieting' all the time. I'd really like to get out to the local farmers' market one of these days, but I have limited access to the family vehicle, as it is. I'm going to kill my finances/self with mercury if I just keep eating fish. ;P

I feel fairly energetic today. The sun is shining and I actually feel like moving around. Keep in mind this is an agoraphobic female that is pasty pale from years of hibernating in her room.

*scuttles back from the bathroom* HOLY CRAP! I just weighed myself... let's just say, pleasant results. I'm at the perfect BMI for my height (5'7"). Now this might be a fluke, 'cos water weight and so forth has to be taken into consideration. I might bloat up this evening or something. I'm just amazed, because I haven't weighed myself in a while, and yesterday I let myself have all the raw food I wanted. I imagined, because of my eating disorder, I would gain weight at first because my metabolism is absolute crap. It's happened in a day, folks. I've tried to get 'healthy' on my own, and in a matter of 24-48 hours I'd packed on five lbs. It sounds crazy, insane even, but it happened.

Fluke or not, I feel good right now. :)
I'm going to start leaving my progress entries as public.

Still having trouble kicking my salt habit, however. I keep sprinkling my raw fish with salt. It makes the tougher--ie; bits with a touch of skin on them--bits a little more palatable.
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