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primal_diet's Journal

Primal Diet; Karl Loren, Raw Food, Aajonus Vonderp
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I've noticed that, while LJ boasts raw-food communities, they are vegan/fruitarian, none involving raw meat diets. Hence, I created a community for those of us who acknowledge the primal instincts of our bodies, and the fact that something must die--whether plant or animal--for a healthy life cycle.


More links as I discover them.
I, your moderator, am a 'newborn' on this rawfood quest, and will be chronicling my progress, so those who aren't raw food veterans can experience what it's like--through written word--as I experience it firsthand. Background I'm a recovering bulimic and my body is wracked with a lot of ailments. I am excited and yet skeptical about a primal diet; I will see whether it works or not. Should it prove unsatisfactory to me, I will gladly pass the torch of moderation to a more experienced 'raw-foodie'. However, given the amazing increase in energy that I'm already experiencing, I doubt this diet will fail in my current expectations.

Live like there's no tommorow, treat your body like it faces eternity!
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