sheischanging (sheischanging) wrote in primal_diet,

Still can't get over it.

I'm imagining warm (room temperature), soft meat melting on my tongue. Warm, red, even bloody, falling apart in my mouth... god I just want someone who's been there to describe it to me right now. I can't stop dreaming of it. I'm already pondering the poor, unfertilized eggs in the fridge. But I know no egg, no frozen meat can satiate this craving I have. I want something organic fresh off of the (butchers) block. I would have never imagined myself craving this, ecspecially as an ex-vegan, but I want it so badly now I almost ache. I hate the fact that I don't have a job, any job, to support this kind of diet, and will probably end up fasting for a while, because I really don't want to go back to the toxic diet I maintained before.

Within the last 37 hours, I've had more energy and vitality than I've had in a long time. Maybe it's all in my head; I don't care. This diet just makes sense to me. Man didn't come into the world consuming vast amounts of processesed sugar and other carbs.

Why is it I'm craving raw meat after such a short time? Could it be because it's natural? For such a girl who's lived off of salads and healthy carbs for the last few years? I'm ready to show that shit to the wind, despite my fears? Why? Because these certified nutritionists make sense.
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