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Pietro Speroni di Fenizio

Invitations, invitations, invitations

Hello, thanks for inviting me.

I am very happy that there is finally a primal diet club in LJ. Unfortunately I don't do much lj those days, as I am mostly involved in my blog on my web site, etc.

Speaking about primal diet, it is about 4 years that I am following it. I started it while I was very week, and unable to absorb most food. Now I am strong as a bull and practically as lusty. I don't follow it precisely, I do it bread, for example. I also learned all I know from the books and personal experience. I never went to any workshop, nor did I buy tapes or had any personal consultation. My situation was never so bad to require it. If I had a cancer, or any other serious illness, I would be much more strict.

I think it is very interesting that you are just starting, and I do suggest that you keep a diary of your progress. You could even make it public, which would make people who are simply interested able to see it.

About Primal Diet itself, just 2 days ago the article primal diet had been deleted from wikipedia (sigh!).
I fought for it, but that was not enough. The article was of really bad quality, and only two other people apart from me voted to keep it. One of the maintainer of wikipedia, recognising my good faith suggested me some ways to get the page back, which involved re writing it in full, in another page, and then copying it explaining that it was a full rewritten and not just a recovery. The page was here. Now even the history is missing. But the maintainer has promised to get it back to me, to have something to start on.

Would you be interested in helping out in preparing that page. We need to make it complete, interesting, balanced (no such things as, do this diet and you will get better from ANY illness ALWAYS), and making some clear distinction among what is a fact: enzymes are made inactive by heat; what is an alternative theory: bacteria help the body by eating weak cells, or raw fat is not dangerous for your health (as opposed to less dangerous).

Let me know,

ADDENDUM: the maintainer has just added the page to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Pietrosperoni/Primal_diet asking me not to change the header for now, and to tell him when I am about to bring it back.
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