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It's been a while

I really haven't been cultivating this community like I should. Due to finances, I've regressed back into the craptacular processed food lifestyle, but I want to give the primal diet another go. I have a question for members...

raw food safe or no?

I have yet to find anything about it in the primal diet sites. I love using vinegar because it 'cooks' and softens hard raw foods, like zuccini and whatnot. If vinegar is indeed diet safe, this is what I do;

thinly slice (about 1/4" thick) some zuccini or other hard vegetable and marinate in diluted white vinegar with spices/herbs of choice. It's still crunchy after a few hours, the longer you let it sit, the softer it gets. I'm unsure on the status of wasabi in the raw food diet, but I like to smear it on raw salmon. I have yet to experience any sickness from doing so, even using less than sushi-grade fish.

I recall one of the sites mentioning that dehydrating food at low temperature still qualifies as raw food. I've been using my dehydrator like mad; chicken, beef, fruit, ect. They go for about $30 a pop at any Wal-Mart. Since I last posted, I've aquired my M license and a Kawasaki Ninja, and racked up miles and miles on her. Dehydrated food has been a staple of mine for a while now. Any recipes/suggestions to share guys?
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